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After exploring the Public Market, visit the Strip: Pittsburgh’s Historic Market District. By day, this old-world-style marketplace is abuzz with shoppers patronizing an exciting mix of shops & sidewalk vendors. At night, the gritty vitality of The Strip District draws a diverse, lively crowd to dine, happy hour and pub- & club-hop.

Experience the sights, sounds & aromas of a market district alive with new & expanding residences and buzzing with small business. Many of these vendors set up shop (or house) on & around Penn Avenue decades ago, paving the way for us here at PPM.

Some of the Strip’s most historic shops include:

And, within a block of PPM, some of the Strip’s newer shops:

For those with an interest in culture, the Strip District is home to numerous arts orgs:

Consider living in the Strip, in one of these distinguished residences:

Neighbors in the Strip

When visiting the Pittsburgh Public Market, check out the rest of our neighborhood, the Strip! You'll find dozens of distinctive shops, the aroma of coffee, the scent of fresh baked bread, and the excitement of a festival, every day.

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