The Market Kitchen

The Market Kitchen is a fully licensed, multi station kitchen that is available for hourly rental by kitchen members, including bakers, caterers, specialty food producers, personal chefs, cart vendors & food trucks. The mission of The Market Kitchen is to promote and develop new jobs and businesses in the food industry by offering culinary professionals access to a fully equipped and licensed commercial kitchen and to support the production of great food.

If you have a dream that involves making a name for yourself in the food industry, having help along the road is essential in reaching your goal, and even striving beyond that goal to grow in ways you may have never imagined. The Market Kitchen is a place where culinary dreams can certainly become a reality.

Whether you are just starting out on the path or looking to expand & grow your food business, our goal is to provide you a service that is economically superior to building or leasing your own commercial facility. We offer a unique direct line to success with access to a retail space to sell & market your product within Pittsburgh Public Market.

The staff at The Market Kitchen is dedicated to the development of small business and is waiting to stand beside you as your business becomes profitable and grows. Why not now?


TMK Features & Benefits:

  • Walk-in cooler & freezer
  • Combi ovens (2)
  • Double-deck convection ovens (2)
  • Six burner ranges (2)
  • Stock pot range
  • 60-gallon kettle
  • 30-gallon tilting skillet
  • Proofer
  • 40 quart mixer
  • Reach-in refrigerators
  • Commercial vacuum sealer
  • Secured cold & dry storage available.
  • Full-time dedicated Kitchen Manager to assist member businesses with business development, connect with marketing opportunities, etc.
  • Loading dock access.
  • 24 hour per day, 7 day per week availability.
  • Multiple work stations to accommodate multiple users simultaneously.
  • Opportunities for product testing to market customers.
  • Reduced rates for members who open retails spaces within the market.
  • Networking with other producers and vendors.

Members pay a $100 annual membership fee along with an hourly rental fee.

For more information or to be added to our kitchen update list, email us or call 412-281-4505, or get updates by following The Market Kitchen Facebook page or Twitter feed.

A special Thank You to the friends of The Market Kitchen community who supported us by donating to our Kickstarter campaign!

Neighbors in the Strip

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Book Your Event at PPM

We can accommodate events of 25 to 775, with most spaces available during business and non-business hours. Click here to view holiday party info & call 412-281-4505 to book your event today!

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