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If you’ve followed the recent news, you already know our landlord has refused to renew our lease. We’ll only be here at 2401 Penn Avenue in the Strip until April. While we’re hoping to announce our new location soon, our misfortune represents an excellent opportunity for budding entrepreneurs, pop-up businesses and weekend vendors to claim a space at our current location at deep discounts from now through March 31.

While three months isn’t a long time to grow a business, our affordable rates offer pop-ups and start-ups an opportunity for “proof of concept,” allowing you to generate business while you build your brand under our umbrella and work out the kinks in the operations of your new business. We have some prime spots within the Market, some of which are already equipped with three-bowl sinks and hand sinks for food service.

Our lease may be ending in April, but our marketing and promotion will be as active as ever. We have already booked several events for the winter months, including kitchen demos and food truck roundups. Since our new GM took over in October, visitor numbers have increased 14% year over year, achieving record numbers of visitors in November and December.

Come April, maybe you’ll be ready to move with us to our new location. Or maybe you’ll have learned enough to take the jump to opening your own standalone location. Either way, this is a rare opportunity for you to mitigate risk while pursuing your dream of owning your own business.

Here’s what’s available now:

2016 Map


The Stats

  • PPM averaged 165,000 visitors annually during its first 2 years of weekend-only operation.
  • Market businesses reported total gross sales of $1.2 million annually.
  • Over 61,000 cars pass through the Strip each day.
  • 1.1 million people live within a 20 mile radius of the Strip.

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Contact us at 412-281-4505 to complete a Vendor Application.
Please note: We do not accept applications for direct sales or commercially-made products.

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Neighbors in the Strip

When visiting the Pittsburgh Public Market, check out the rest of our neighborhood, the Strip! You'll find dozens of distinctive shops, the aroma of coffee, the scent of fresh baked bread, and the excitement of a festival, every day.

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We can accommodate events of 25 to 775, with most spaces available during business and non-business hours. Click here to view holiday party info & call 412-281-4505 to book your event today!

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